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Poly-tubing (Layflat Tubing) is used for wrapping difficult to bag items such as plants, posters and light tubes. We also sell manually operated heatsealers to permanently seal your wrapped goods. Where more comprehensive covering is required we also stock a large range of sheeting sizes and of course we can also manufacture to bespoke requirements.

Pink Anti-Static Poly Tubing:

Economical way to package or enclose objects of same width but various lengths. Can be heat sealed or taped at either one or both ends. Surface resistivity of 1012 ohms/sq.in. Amine-free, Pink anti-static tubing is an excellent choice for protecting sensitive components from static discharge. Pink Antistatic tubing (PAS) is ideal for packing circuit boards, resistors and other electrical components. Supplied on 12� diameter rolls (3� core).

Black Poly Tubing:

Produce polythene bags to suit specific product requirements, and keep your products concealed and confidential. Easy to create your own bags simply insert your product into the tubing, cut to required length and heat seal one or both ends.

Low Density Polythene Tubing:

This film is made from 100% virgin Low density polyethylene. Because it�s from virgin polyethylene it can be used for food packaging and service. Tubing can be heat sealed, stapled or taped at either one or both ends. Supplied on 12� diameter rolls (3� core).

Autoclavable Layflat Polypropylene Tubing:

Heat-resistant material emits less odor when autoclaving. High gloss, transparent tubing is ideal for medical, dental, lab, or food service implements. Meets FDA and European specifications for food contact.

Polythene Shrink Film Tubing:

Inexpensive tubing fits any shape! Simply insert item into tubing, heat seal ends, and shrink with a heat gun. Protects from moisture, dirt, and tampering.

Clean Room Tubing:

Clean Room Tubing usually manufactured in a certified class 100 clean room. This stock clean polyethylene tubing is produced from barefoot resin that meets FDA & EFSA standards, wound on plastic cores and double bagged for added protection.

Black Conductive Tubing:

Blow extrusion, black volume conductive tube material is produced in 150m. rolls in production is 400 Gauge thick but 300 Gauge and 600 Gauge are available on special orders. Ideal for light sensitive products and explosvies. Made using black carbon impregnated into film to create an extra strong static barrier. Meets Faraday Cage protection for electronic applications.

UVI Layflat Tubing:

Ultra Violet Inhibitor added into the low density polythene to extends life of the product in sunlight conditions.

EVA Layflat Tubing:

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Tubing in which EVA Additive is added to strengthen and improves sealability. Appropriate for use in cold-temperature applications.